Friday, April 9, 2010

@SCTVFans on Twitter!

Rather than running this separate SCTV Fans blog, I will now provide SCTV cast updates exclusively on Twitter.

Twittering is more efficient, I can provide followers with relevant links to alum projects, and SCTV fans will receive info on a more timely basis.

So, please follow @SCTVFans on Twitter to get the latest info on the SCTV cast!

Also, if you're one of the first 200 followers, you'll be entered for a chance to win a piece of SCTV history!  Learn more.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eugene Levy in Taking Woodstock

Focus Features just released images and a trailer for the upcoming Ang Lee picture Taking Woodstock. SCTV alum Eugene Levy stars as Max Yasgur, the owner of the Bethel, New York farm at which Woodstock took place.

The film will be released on August 14, and also stars Liev Schreiber, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Emile Hirsch, Dan Fogler, Paul Dano, Kelli Garner, Imelda Staunton, Demetri Martin, Kevin Sussman, and Katherine Waterston.

Friday, April 17, 2009

"Spinal Tap takes off the wigs"

Friends of SCTV Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Michael McKean are on tour!  They'll be performing Spinal Tap and Folksmen ("A Mighty Wind") songs.  

Wow.  I didn't realize that Harry Shearer was Vishnu.  Check out his double-handed shoulder clasp.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Watch Andrea Martin's 'Exit The King' interview has just posted a short interview with the vivacious, super-talented, Tony Award winning Andrea Martin regarding her current role in Eugene Ionesco's Exit The King, currently in previews on Broadway.


* Official site (with some great pix)

* Photo Flash on

* See Andrea Martin Live!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Answers to 2 SCTV Fan questions

Two fans asked questions via comments on my first post. There were some technical problems viewing the comments on that original post, so I'll answer those questions here:

Q: Are there any plans to release the first year episodes in chronological order? The half hour episodes were some of the best.

A: I agree, and lots of fans have been asking for the release of the original episodes. Getting information about upcoming SCTV DVD releases has always proven difficult. It appears that after very robust sales of the first volume of DVDs, sales slowed for the subsequent volumes. The softish sales combined with the expense of obtaining music rights for many of the sketches combined with a less-than-stellar economy leads me to believe that we won't be seeing additional DVDs anytime soon. Here's the further negative scoop from Shout! Factory DVD producer Brian Ward:

"There is a HUGE issue with releasing these episodes. For starters, music licensing is an absolute nightmare. When they were producing the series, they never even thought twice about including super-expensive music, never once thinking about the repercussions of syndicating the series in the U.S. or--gasp--releasing them later on home video! Knowing that the fans would be ticked if we replaced music, we've had to regretfully admit that we cannot release the early years beyond what we already have.

Secondly, as most fans of the show will attest, much of those early episodes are included in the show's first season, but combined to create the longer format. Most of the sketches are there, so we'd be essentially re-hashing a set we've already released.

The ones I'd be most excited about are the later seasons, once they left network television. We're not saying it's not possible, but we have no immediate plans for future sets. Still, Dave Thomas recently announced and presented a quick teaser trailer for his and Rick Moranis' new animated series for the McKenzie brothers, so who knows??"

At the moment, we can enjoy several Series 2 and 3 episodes on The Best Of The Early Years, and all of the Series 4 and 5 episodes on the Volume 1 - 4 box sets, as well as two stand-alone DVDs. These are all available at the store .


Q: Who played perry como in perry como is still alive?

A: The fabulous Eugene Levy played the near comatose crooner in the classic sketch Perry Como: Still Alive. It's available in the Volume 2 box set.


Thanks for your questions!


Monday, February 23, 2009

SCTV Reunion

For those of you who haven't already visited Lurm's outstanding recap of last year's SCTV reunion show in Toronto, get thee to his blog immediately.  It is a drool-inducing, comprehensive moment-by-moment telling of an incredible evening.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

SCTV Cast Updates

For those of you who have been visiting over the years, I apologize for the infrequency of the cast updates. Those updates will now be available on a regular basis on this blog! As always, if you have news to share with fellow SCTV fans about the cast, please let me know (

Ms. O'Hara is as busy as ever, with 5 upcoming projects. Among them are:

  • Temple Grandin with Claire Danes, Julia Ormond, and David Strathairn

  • Away We Go, directed by Sam Mendes

  • Voice work in Where the Wild Things Are, a Spike Jonze adaptation of the classic Maurice Sendak children's book.

Only Mr. Levy's career can span from Bobby Bittman to Albert Einstein!! Look for SCTV's comic genius as the genius genius in the May 2009 release
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

A woman of many talents, Ms. Martin joined the cast of Eugene Ionesco's "Exit the King" in January. The Broadway run begins in March.